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Wafu Teshigahara, a world famous ikebana artist and President of the Teshigahara Wafu Foundation, was born in Kamakura in 1949. In 1992, he succeeded his famous father as the third president.
The founding president (his grandfather), established “The Japan Ikebana Academy” during the Meiji Era. He also created a unique teaching method of Japanese flower arrangement.
In the Showa Era, the second president (father of the present president) introduced and promoted a freer and more individualistic style of ikebana for the home both within and outside of Japan.
The present Wafu School emphasizes complete harmony among the flowers, vases and the environment in which they are placed. These works of art symbolize the elegance, creativity and mysticism found in ikebana.
Further, the guidance given by the Wafu School, while respecting the artistic sense of the individual arranger, gives a solid foundation of ikebana techniques...leading the way for future generations of ikebana practitioners.


副会頭 勅使河原 光衣



Mrs Mitsui Teshigahara was born in 1978 as the oldest of the Third Headmaster of the renowned Teshigawara Wafu-kai Kamakura City. As befitting the next generation leader of the Wafu-kai, she was trained in the art of ikebana from an early age.
After graduating with a degree in English literature from the Shonan International Women's Junior College, Miss Teshigawara worked at a company After leaving the company in 2002, she joined the Ministry of Education-Certified Foundation, Teshigawara Wafu-kai, as secretary to the Headmaster. Miss Teshigawara became the Assistant Headmaster in 2003.
Currently, Miss Teshigawara teaches Ikebana students at the Wafu-kai Tokyo Headquarters, and is also responsible for teaching Ikebana, whichi is a part of the required curriculum at the Police Academy. She also participates in the Ikebana International Fair every year and exhibits her arrangements. In 2005, she did demonstrations at the Ikebana International San Francisco Chapter along with her father, the Headmaster, Wafu Teshigawara, and received favorable comments.
Miss Teshigawara possesses not only artistic business management abilities, but also excels in many sports, such as skiing, body board and Kendo (Japanese fencing.) She holds the Ministry of Education-certified Class 1 certificate for Japanese calligraphy. She is also interested in biology and world history.